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#79 Top 100 DJs 2020 

Before Mr Pig became the emerging DJ and producer that he is today he worked at many famous restaurants in Mexico, which perhaps goes some way to explaining the BBQ sets he's been wowing us with over the past six months (and maybe his name?). Getting busy on a spicy set while cooking up some tasty Mexican food at the same time is very much his style. That, and making music has helped him to look on the bright side. “Focusing on making more music for my fans and staying positive,” he says, appreciative of all the support he has been receiving for his new album 'YinYang', which was released on his own Holy Pig Records. He started up his label with a passion to shine a light on new talent and unheard artists in his home country. 


How about the DJ Mag Virtual Festival in August, did he enjoy playing that? “For sure I did, my family made a listening party in my house,” he explains. “It was a great moment to share with my loved ones.” 

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